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We are now ready to begin expunging your record. There are typically three steps in determining how much expunging your record will cost. First, we have to order your criminal record from the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts and your Certificate of Eligibility from the Kentucky State Police. The state charges $40.00 to order these records. The expungement law does not permit us to file for expungement unless these records are affixed to your Petition to Expunge. Upon receiving your records we will review them together to determine which charges are eligible for expungement now. The records will also let us determine what the state will charge to file your expungement. The Courts charge a filing fee of $100.00 dollars for misdemeanors convictions and $500.00 filing fee for felony convictions. The courts do not charge a filing fee for dismissed charges.

Some clients want to erase everything on their record, some clients do not care about traffic charges or dismissed cases remaining on their record. Many clients are eligible to expunge some charges but not eligible to expunge others because the charges are not yet eligible for expungement or will never qualify for expungement. An experienced expungement lawyer can explain your options to you.

Administrative Office of the Courts Criminal Records and Kentucky State Police Certificate of Eligibility Record Fee:

Attorney Fee: