Juvenile & EPO Offenses

Juvenile Expungements in Louisville & Frankfort, KY

Juvenile Expungements in Louisville & Frankfort, KY

Kentucky's juvenile expungement statute was changed to mirror many of the rights of Kentucky's adult expungement law. A juvenile expungement may include misdemeanors, violations, and status offenses. Juvenile Court does not have the statutory authority to expunge violent offenses or sex crimes.

Under Kentucky law, a juvenile conviction may be expunged two years after the termination of the court's jurisdiction. The court can waive this requirement if the court finds that an extraordinary circumstance exists to make the waiver advisable. For example, if the juvenile has turned 18 years old and is seeking enrollment in college or the military, the court may waive the two-year requirement.

Upon the entry of an order to seal the records, the proceedings in the case shall be deemed never to have occurred and all index references shall be deleted and the person and court may properly reply that no record exists with respect to such person upon any inquiry in the matter.

Emergency Protection Order / Temporary Protection Order Expungements

Emergency Protective Orders (EPO) may be expunged if:

1. The petition in the case did not result in the issuance of a domestic violence order / non-temporary protection order;
2. 6 months have elapsed since the case was dismissed; and
3. The petitioner was not bound by an order of protection issued by any person in the prior 6 months.

Process- What we do for you!

Our office will order your records, review the records with you to determine if you qualify or what we can do to help you become qualified, prepare your expungement records, petitions and orders, file your expungements with the court and appear at expungement hearings without you ever having to step foot in the court house!

Costs and Court Fees

If you pled guilty in juvenile court to a misdemeanor offense, the court charges $100.00 to file for a misdemeanor expungement. If the court determines you do not qualify for expungement, the court will refund half of your filing fee. Our fees for services are typically $250.00 for each petition filed, but this fee will vary based on the number of charges per petition.

For example, if you were charged with misdemeanor theft by deception in 2015, we would charge you a retainer of $250.00 to prepare, file and petition the court to expunge your record. The total amount you would have to pay is $250.00 for everything, and we do all the work! We only charge $250.00 per juvenile petition because the court does not require a Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts Criminal History nor a Kentucky State Police "Certificate of Eligibility."