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Hello, I'm attorney Benham Sims. My partner, Tom Coffey and I bring a unique blend of experience and knowledge in the practice of criminal law and expungement. I served as a Jefferson District Court Judge after eight years as a trial prosecutor for the Jefferson County Attorney's office. During that time, I was recognized as the State Prosecutor the Year by the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council, the Fraternal Order of Police Prosecutor the Year, and I authored the Kentucky DUI trial manual. I have now practiced criminal law for almost thirty years.

Tom's path included graduating from Providence College, Harvard Divinity School, and Notre Dame Law School. Tom first went to Washington, DC as an aide to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and later Senator Chuck Schumer. Tom married a Kentucky girl and moved to Louisville to serve our community as an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney. Tom currently serves as head of litigation for Morgan and Pottinger, PSC Law Firm.

We are the attorneys who helped write the expungement law and helped secure the passage of expungement reform in Kentucky.

While we both public service, our true passion is public policy. With our unique work experience and interest in public policy, we both worked to change the expungement law in Kentucky. Tom and I became advocates for expungement reform, helping draft and work on two different expungement Bills (Senate Bill 79 & House Bill 40). We met with advocates, police, Metro Council Members, Labor, Greater Louisville, INC - our chamber of Commerce in Louisville. We worked with legislators and lobbyists, the Governor, business leaders and those who were impacted by draconian laws that trapped those who committed minor offense in Kentucky in a lifetime of frustration and poverty.

Benham and Tom helped secure passage of Kentucky's Expungement Law. In fact, Benham was asked to testify before the House Judiciary Committee as a lawyer, former Prosecutor, and former District Judge. Partner, Benham Sims (Left) testifying with Expungement,
Bill Sponsor-Rep. Darryl Owens (Center),
and Greater Louisville, Inc. Vice President Sarah Davisher (Right)

We understand the impact that a conviction can have on your employment, life and family. We have taught expungement law to other lawyers. We know that 97% of employers run background checks, and 50% of those employers will not grant an interview if you have a criminal record. Our concern for you is not only the charges you are facing now, but the collateral consequences of conviction years from now. We have created to help people just like you. Under Kentucky's new expungement law, those with certain eligible class D felony convictions can get their records expunged. Those with more than one misdemeanor on their record can now expunge everything after a five year period of good behavior at the conclusion of their sentence or probation, whichever is longer. This expungement law will help over 91,000 Kentuckians with an eligible Class D felony convictions and hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians with multiple misdemeanor convictions.

Our mission is to help maintain and improve our clients' quality of life. We work toward that by trying to keep bad marks off criminal records, driving histories, and credit scores and expunging those marks that are already there. Our firm takes on all kinds of cases, including those involving:

  • Criminal law
  • Crimes of Theft
  • DUI Charges
  • Drug Charges
  • Expungement law
At, we take great pride in representing people throughout Kentucky. Whatever legal circumstances you find yourself in, contact our office today to meet with a lawyer in person and begin exploring the options that you have available.