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The attorneys at make expunging your record as easy as a phone call. Upon submitting the necessary information to our office to locate your records and paying the required fees to obtain them, we will discuss what your goals are and how we can help you.

We will then file the expungement petition and order and appear in court so you don't have to! See our Process for Expungement page for more detail. Misdemeanor expungements generally will cost you $250.00, and felony expungements will generally cost $1,290.00. Fees and costs may vary based on your individual circumstance.

Benham Sims has served as a prosecutor, Jefferson District Judge, and defense attorney for almost 30 years. He has been recognized as Kentucky's "Outstanding Public Servant" by the Kentucky Prosecutor's Advisory Council, "Prosecutor of the Year" by the Jefferson County Chapters of the Fraternal Order of Police, and appointed as a Jefferson District Court Judge and as a Special Justice to the Kentucky Supreme Court. In private practice, Benham Sims is a five time Louisville Magazine "Top Lawyer" Award Winner.

Benham has been an outspoken advocate for "smart on crime" changes to our criminal laws. His passion stems from a family history of public service to Kentucky. His grandfather, John Y. Brown, Sr., was Kentucky's youngest Speaker of the House, a Congressman during Roosevelt's famous 100 days, the author of the first Civil Right Act passed in the South, and was called the "Clarence Darrow of the South" by famed criminal attorney F. Lee Bailey. His uncle John Y. Brown, Jr. founded Kentucky Fried Chicken, and served as Governor of Kentucky from 1979-1983. His sister Dorothy gain national fame as a trial lawyer in the case of the "State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony" and as an expert on cross examination. Benham's wife Deborah is a respected Judge. His family includes lawyers, State Representatives, teachers, artists, national news correspondent and producers, domestic violence advocates and successful businessmen and businesswomen. This family history of public service inspired Benham to help draft and secure the passage of Kentucky's new expungement law. The Bill's sponsor asked Benham, as a former Judge, Prosecutor and Expungement Advocate to testify for the Bill's passage before the House Judiciary Committee. Benham would be the first to tell you that expungement reform has been the most important work of his life.

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