Why Expunge Your Record?

The average person has 7 jobs in their lifetime. While most people seek a new job for better pay and benefits, some people discover that their jobs are being terminated because their employers are closing, moving, or merging their businesses. Just in the Louisville area alone we have seen dramatic changes in our economy. Brown & Williamson is gone, Humana is the midst of being sold, each of our hospitals have seen their parent companies bought or sold, General Electric is gone, even YUM, the owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken, has moved to Texas. Just these few companies impact tens of thousands of Jobs. Resulting in layoffs, restructuring and employers reapplying for jobs with new owners.

Studies show that 96% of employers now run Criminal Background checks. Over 70 million Americans have a criminal charge on their record. One in four adults! Studies reveal that 50% of these new employers will not even interview you if you have a criminal record. More disturbing is the fact that you will make 40% less income over your lifetime then your brother or sister would make without a criminal charge.

Kentucky’s New Expungement Law, House Bill 40 permits the expungement of 91,000 Kentuckians with an eligible Class D felony record. Hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians with misdemeanors charges, may now expunge their record who did not qualify for expungement before the passage of House Bill 40.

If you were an employer, who would you choose? Would you hire someone with a record-or someone without a record? The answer is obvious. The new expungement law protects you. Once your record is expunged it means:

“The case shall be deemed never to have occurred; all index references shall be deleted; the persons and the court may properly reply that no record exists with respect to the person upon any inquiry in the matter, and the person whose record is expunged shall not have to disclose the fact of the record or any matter relating thereto on an application for employment, credit or other type of application.”

K.R.S. 431.080

Let the attorneys of HelpExpungeMe.com assist you in moving forward with your life. We'll work very hard to deliver you the peace of mind and clean record that you deserve.

In order for your case to get expunged, you must meet the following requirements:

You have no pending felony or misdemeanor charges.

You have no pending felony or misdemeanor charges.

You haven't been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor within five years of filing a petition.

You haven't been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor within five years of filing a petition.

You weren't convicted of sexual assault or a crime against a child.

You weren't convicted of sexual assault or a crime against a child.

If seeking a felony expungement, the felony is an eligible Class D Felony

If seeking a felony expungement, the felony is an eligible Class D Felony

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The attorneys at HelpExpungeMe.com make expunging your record as easy as a phone call. Upon submitting the necessary information to our office to locate your records and paying the required fees to obtain them, we will discuss what your goals are with you and advise what we can do for you.

We will then file the expungement petition and order and appear in court so you don't have to! See our Process for Expungement page for more detail. Misdemeanor expungements generally will cost you $390.00, and felony expungements will generally cost $1,590.00. Fees and costs may vary based on your individual circumstance.

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